The Earth Kingdoms have lived in harmony for thousands of years, peacefully settling their differences through diplomacy. The Sand-Bending tribes of the East, Rock-Benders of the North-West, and even the Southern Lava-Benders have always managed to live in peace.

Until now.

The Earth Kingdoms have been united, but not through peace or diplomacy. The self-proclaimed “Earth Emperor” has, over the course of 60 years, taken the entire Earth continent by force and started an empire that is sure to engulf the entire world. The Avatar was thought to have been killed in the war in the beginning.

But now, there is hope.

The other nations of the world: Fire, Water, and Air, have decided it’s time to find the Avatar’s reincarnation. The only problem is…the new Avatar is an Earth-bender. The Earthen Empire is almost impossible to infiltrate with an army.

It is up to an elite few to quietly enter the Earthen Empire and find the new Avatar so that the world can once again know peace.

Two water-benders, one from the North and one from the South. A wise old fire-bender. A rebel earth-bender from Omashu. An air-bender who left the Nomads. And a skilled martial artist.

These six warriors are the hope of the world. Will they succeed in finding the Avatar? Can peace be restored? Only time will tell.

Avatar State